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waterproof bean bags

Is Polyester Fabric Waterproof?

What kind of material do you want your furniture to be made out of? You want something to be cozy if you’re going to sit or lie down on it….

home study room

Read in Comfort: 4 Home Study Room Decor Ideas

Today, over 18 million young adults attend American universities, and that number is only growing. It’s no secret that students are required to do a lot of reading, but this…

best baby shower gifts

Top 14 Best Baby Shower Gifts That Are Totally Unique

When it comes to finding the best baby shower gifts, it’s important to understand the struggles a new mom faces. For example, did you know that 43 percent of new…

work environment

14 Ways to Create a Stress-Free and Relaxing Work Environment

Did you know that 76 percent of Americans say workplace stressors negatively impact their personal relationships? Or that 66 percent report losing sleep over work-related tensions? Even more shocking, 16…

apartment decorating

Apartment Decorating 101: A Complete Guide to Making a House a Home

Did you know that 53% of young families in the United States don’t feel at home in their house? One of the biggest factors that make people feel like they…

cool birthday gifts for teens

20 Cool Birthday Gifts for Teens That Are Budget-Friendly

The average parent spends a whopping $500 on gifts and a party for their child’s birthday. As your kids get older, it seems as though that price doesn’t want to…

diy home office

Chic and Spunky: 9 DIY Home Office Decoration Ideas

We know that working from home comes with its own challenges but the myth that remote workers are less productive might ring slightly true if your home office isn’t conducive to…

unique housewarming gifts

12 Most Unique Housewarming Gifts Everyone Will Love

Did you know that new homeowners spend more on services and products in the first six months after moving into a home than established homeowners do in a full two years?…

wedding tent decor

15 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Your Wedding Tent Décor

The average wedding costs a whopping $30,000! But who has that kind of money laying around, especially when many young couples are trying to pay off student loans or save…

1970s furniture styles

Groovy 1970s Furniture Styles to Love

Retro patterns and chunky shapes. Earthy tones of desert beige and avocado green. Carpeted flooring and floral patterns galore.  What do these things have in common? They’re all worth mentioning…

different room colors

How Different Room Colors Can Affect Your Mood

Did you know that the color spectrum is used in radiation therapy? This is known as chromotherapy and is based on centuries of research with the visible spectrum and its…